Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fickle Feelings

I'm in a bit of a mood. Hubby came home from a graveyard shift, disgruntled about his job. Lately I've noticed he's a bit down in the mouth. Apparently, what promised to be a good job, with great mileage and lasting until May, turned out that what the Consultant wants are for the guys to stay in camp, near by. That means Hubby does not get paid mileage nor subsistence. It gets a bit complicated to explain the pay structure so let's just say...The Oil companies, who make millions of dollars a day, love to nickel/dime the employees by whittling the paycheck and the general public by raising fuel prices.
Oil and forest related jobs are fickle, aren't they? I really don't have a valid reason to be annoyed, since I have so many things that are wonderful kids and their families, a husband that is wonderful to me and not like some of those jerks on Dr. Phil, my home, vehicles, etc. I really believe that we have no control over the future and what that brings.....we can do our best in the present, but we all know that life has too many unpredictables to think we can escape tough times. That's when I need to draw on my spiritual beliefs and trust that God is better at running the Universe than I.