Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring really needs to show up for good now...

I thought I was going to be leaving the land of snow and head for a bit of spring and blossoms in the southern parts of the province....NOT!! I hear it's snowed down there...WHAT??!! Man....I had my heart set on giving my toes more wiggle space in sandals. Well, I'm leaving tomorrow but will be gone for a week, so I'm bound to catch a bit of warmth. And if I'm really, really lucky, I'll come home to the snow melted away and maybe even the mud dried, now THAT would make me very happy.
Ciao, my friends.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some stuff around the House

Yes, Maxine does make me laugh....and in some sort of warped way, she actually is a wise old bird :) That was my day today. I woke up wondering how the end of the week crept up on me....and at the same time....I did some stuff around the house...haha!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I can't help but wonder......

I just found this interesting. Note the difference in advice to those highschool and college kids that have traveled to warm beaches to party. Now, if it were my daughter or son leaving for spring break in these destinations, wouldn't be my kid out there....not over my dead body!!!! The least of my worries would be how to wear a hat, how much sunblock they squirt from the balconies and I'm evil enough to hope that if they were stupid enough to belly flop into a pool with a sunburn they deserve the pain :P

The Florida sun is hot spring breakers. Here are a few helpful tips and reminders.

1. Hat bill to front when outside, half-circles on forehead look stupid
2. Sunscreen is for your skin, not for squirting off balconies
3. Pass out in shade, not sun
4. Belly flopping into pool makes sunburn sting really bad
5. “oooh ooooh, ahhh ahh” takes on new meaning while making out with sunburn
6. It is hard to be cool when you are red
7. peeling is soooo not cool

Tulip Season

To be truthful, the tulips aren't even close to blooming here yet, but we're going into the season for this lovely, sassy flower of my Dutch heritage to express the beginning of spring weather's arrival.
So, where ever you see flowerbeds and fields of early bloomers, remember the "land of Windmills"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

One More......

I just have to include my grandkids......they had a fun sleep-over at our place and got to do crafts and watch movies with me and they got to "horse" around and goof off with Grandpa. I made a huge breakfast for them this morning and then sat and colored with them (we Do like our coloring time :)
Then it was off to the family dinner this aft, after getting dressed up and doing our hair. Not much to it for Tyson, but us girls had to spend a bit of time in front of the mirror. It's always such fun to have them here. Oh....and notice Kaylie's pretty Easter dress....she loves wearing pretty dresses. Tyson on the other hand would wear his fav ball cap, t-shirt and jeans at all times given a choice.

The meaning of Easter

A long weekend, Egg hunts, chocolate, family dinners, bunnies....all part of this Easter Weekend. For me it has yet another reason.....the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's the corner stone of my Faith and so this is a meaningful weekend for me. So much to celebrate!

New Niece

Introducing Kaiya Mckayla born on March 17th. She was a good little girlie at the Easter Dinner this aft. It wasn't Kaiya I was surprised to was Mommy. She certainly is looking good, but you can tell she's just had the baby because she tired easy. They just stayed for the dinner before heading home again.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dad, Mom & Reagan

I took these pics at Dad's Birthday Party. I just love my Dad's smile :) I thought Great Grandma looks so lovingly at Reagan.
There was a new Great grand-daughter born yesterday morning....little Kaiya. I don't have more details yet, but that now puts the number of great grandkids to!

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I Do, M'Lord

I learned something new this aft. My girlfriend's daughter just got sworn in as a Lawyer this afternoon and I always thought you call the Judge, "Your Honor".....but here in BC you call the Judge "My Lord" or as I hear it "M'Lord" It's been an intense 10 years of study to reach the goal only those with iron stomachs reach. We're SO proud of Tracy. We even got to sit in the jury box to watch the proceedings. Congratulations Tracy!!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break.....NOT Spring here!

I am SO glad that I didn't get fooled with the earlier puddles, mud, fresh smell of balmy air....why??? It's freakin' snowing out there. Not nice fluffy's wind-driven, frozen grains of blowing ice that pierces the skin. I guess my only hope is that this cannot last much longer....spring has got to come. The only upside to this is that it gives us a reprieve from mud. *sigh* It's a good weekend to spend indoors, snuggled in and reading a book or watching a good movie. I feel sorry for the kids.....what a start to spring break.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What are those brown heaps?

MUD???!!! Yes, MUD!!! It's globs onto everything. My hubby eloquently calls it "snot"....nice! He's working in a huge pit of mud....he gets covered in it and his boots hold huge gobs which tracks into the house no matter if he takes his boots off before coming in. This aft I had the twins from across the street come over for a little visit while their mom went out for a few grocery items. Anyhow, they walk up the drive-way and sidewalk, up the steps and into the house. I mention this trek simply so you get a visual of the length of mud globbed path they had to wade thru to get into my home....and of course, the mud came in with their boots. Oh my!
I think this mud of spring is such a traumatic thing to me that I block it from my memory and then each and every spring it comes back....BAM...there it is!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Family Party

Last evening we gathered to celebrate Dad's Birthday. My parents live up the Alaska Highway in a small community centered around a Hotel and restaurant. In the back there is a separate dining area where we meet, which accommodates our large family. It always amazes me how many of us show up for any excuse to celebrate. As far as large families go, we have our share of "dysfunction" but bottom line is....we are there for each other! We passed the two precious babies around and the kids quietly played around the "kid's" table. With the age differences in us siblings, Dad & Mom's grandkids mix with the great-grands now. It's so special to watch Dad & Mom....their eyes light up and you can watch different emotions flash across their faces as they talk to or hold the little ones.I suppose their love for kids is what brought about us nine kids :P
Yet another gathering is planned for Easter. Stay tuned for more family news :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Puddle Jumping

It's melting!! Streams are running along the Cul-de-Sac curbs, with nowhere to go but between the islands of snow and ice. I needed to run across the street to my neighbors and had to jump over the stream and landed up with a soaker....yes, I yelped at the freezing cold wetness in my shoe.....but somehow exhilarated that it's mild enough to create these obstacles to jump. The kids were running through the water and then up the mountains of snow that remain for them to slide down. Fun, fun!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two sides to the Pancake.....

I have to brag about the lovely mild weather again today. However, this mild weather has a down side to it as well.Personally I don't really want to think about it and I'm sure you don't really want to hear about it, but for us Northern people, who depend on the freezing weather to make money in the Oil Industry, the reality is that with work being as slow as it's been this winter and then throw break-up into the mix.....wallets are going to be slim and belts tightened. It's scary to think of how vulnerable we are to many BC industries....wood, oil, mining.
So, as much as I crave mild weather and the fresh new life of spring, I am also hoping for another month of frost.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Wishes, Cute Baby, Melting snow

Well, actually, yesterday was Dad's 78th Birthday. I asked my Niece and her 3 month-old son if she'd like to go out to visit Dad & Mom. She picked me up in her burnt orange Mazda 3....totally cool! On the way out of town we made a stop at Safeway for Birthday cupcakes and then a drive-thru Tim Horton's for coffees. It's a half hour trip up the Alaska highway to my parents, so sipping a coffee was lovely.
The highway was wet with melting snow and we had constant spray from passing vehicles or from ones we were following that coated the car with dirty, gritty, salty water...gross!! BUT, the mild weather is totally awesome and we're loving it!!
Baby decided to be grouchy and clingy, so Great Gramma and Great Aunty didn't get to hold him for long. He has already mastered the pouty lower lip and crocodile tears....that didn't take long! Now Great Grandpa on the other hand, managed to get a smile. Well, it was after all Dad's Birthday :P
Our empty Tim's cups still sat in the car and thankfully Niece remembered to check her Roll-up-the-Rim for a win...I did the same....and I freaking won a GPS!!!! Wahoo!!! *dancing around room* THAT made my day :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Bright Day

Today has been a very bright, sunny day. Yes, it was cold and the past milder weather created an undercoat of ice and frost on the car, that was covered with new snow, but it was invigorating to run from the car through the freezing air into church. The snow squeaked under foot but it was great to draw in deep breaths of cold air and not cough up a lung. Finally, I'm over the horrid cold I had!!
After church I met a girlfriend at Tim's for lunch. That place is always bustling with people but we managed to find a table to sit and eat our soup and sandwich.After a couple of hours chatting, both of us were stiff from sitting on those hard seats. We think we either have to bring a pillow to sit on, have shorter lunch visits, OR go to a place with padded seats....hmmmmm!! Seems to me that we didn't have that problem when we were a lot younger :P

Saturday, March 1, 2008

We Welcome March

Today is my Sister's Birthday.....Happy Birthday Michele!! I waited long to have a sister, since I was surrounded by 4 brothers until Michele arrived.....I was 10 years-old by then. Never was a baby sisters SO welcomed. We'll skip thru the memories of her being such a "brat" and getting into all my stuff ALL the these last years. We have become such close friends and I admire her tremendously. She is a rock and if not for her and my other two sisters, I would not be the woman I am, here's to my dear sister!! Love and hugs (and B-Day bumps...those are for getting into my perfume :P )