Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Bright Day

Today has been a very bright, sunny day. Yes, it was cold and the past milder weather created an undercoat of ice and frost on the car, that was covered with new snow, but it was invigorating to run from the car through the freezing air into church. The snow squeaked under foot but it was great to draw in deep breaths of cold air and not cough up a lung. Finally, I'm over the horrid cold I had!!
After church I met a girlfriend at Tim's for lunch. That place is always bustling with people but we managed to find a table to sit and eat our soup and sandwich.After a couple of hours chatting, both of us were stiff from sitting on those hard seats. We think we either have to bring a pillow to sit on, have shorter lunch visits, OR go to a place with padded seats....hmmmmm!! Seems to me that we didn't have that problem when we were a lot younger :P


Mz.Elle said...

Ouch! Those chairs are awful.
We're enjoying a bright day too:)