Sunday, March 9, 2008

Family Party

Last evening we gathered to celebrate Dad's Birthday. My parents live up the Alaska Highway in a small community centered around a Hotel and restaurant. In the back there is a separate dining area where we meet, which accommodates our large family. It always amazes me how many of us show up for any excuse to celebrate. As far as large families go, we have our share of "dysfunction" but bottom line is....we are there for each other! We passed the two precious babies around and the kids quietly played around the "kid's" table. With the age differences in us siblings, Dad & Mom's grandkids mix with the great-grands now. It's so special to watch Dad & Mom....their eyes light up and you can watch different emotions flash across their faces as they talk to or hold the little ones.I suppose their love for kids is what brought about us nine kids :P
Yet another gathering is planned for Easter. Stay tuned for more family news :)


Rach said...

You do realize how seriously jealous I get when you write posts like this! :P