Monday, March 24, 2008

I can't help but wonder......

I just found this interesting. Note the difference in advice to those highschool and college kids that have traveled to warm beaches to party. Now, if it were my daughter or son leaving for spring break in these destinations, wouldn't be my kid out there....not over my dead body!!!! The least of my worries would be how to wear a hat, how much sunblock they squirt from the balconies and I'm evil enough to hope that if they were stupid enough to belly flop into a pool with a sunburn they deserve the pain :P

The Florida sun is hot spring breakers. Here are a few helpful tips and reminders.

1. Hat bill to front when outside, half-circles on forehead look stupid
2. Sunscreen is for your skin, not for squirting off balconies
3. Pass out in shade, not sun
4. Belly flopping into pool makes sunburn sting really bad
5. “oooh ooooh, ahhh ahh” takes on new meaning while making out with sunburn
6. It is hard to be cool when you are red
7. peeling is soooo not cool