Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What are those brown heaps?

MUD???!!! Yes, MUD!!! It's globs onto everything. My hubby eloquently calls it "snot"....nice! He's working in a huge pit of mud....he gets covered in it and his boots hold huge gobs which tracks into the house no matter if he takes his boots off before coming in. This aft I had the twins from across the street come over for a little visit while their mom went out for a few grocery items. Anyhow, they walk up the drive-way and sidewalk, up the steps and into the house. I mention this trek simply so you get a visual of the length of mud globbed path they had to wade thru to get into my home....and of course, the mud came in with their boots. Oh my!
I think this mud of spring is such a traumatic thing to me that I block it from my memory and then each and every spring it comes back....BAM...there it is!!


Mz.Elle said...

I know alll about the mud,lol,that and grease seem to be the bane of my existence;p