Friday, April 11, 2008

A Day In the Life of Gramma...

Yup, a whole day of the two of them around, since it's a Pro-D day. I will sum it all up in just these few words..."Late nights mixed with a touch of Boredom equals a late aft of grouchy kids"....I can also sum it up in these words...:Gramma is tired and has lost her patience somewhere between a good comedy movie (Rat Race) and a trip to Sobey's for icecream"
I love them both dearly, but I've had enough of a good thing.
I'm also feeling sad for Hubby. My man is tired and emotional and has SO much more to deal with.
But, I move on to perogies/sausage/onions and a salad for supper and an evening of playing a game and then settling the kids into bed at an earlier hour.


Rach said...

I hate when the kids want to stay up later on weekends of days off school, and tend to not do that except during the summer cuz it wreaks havoc here too. There's a reason why you're young when ya have kids .. so you can watch the grey hairs grow in. heehee