Monday, April 28, 2008

Dutch Weather

The temps are mild and the sun was shining oh so bright...that's when the Dutch came out in me. Yup, I grabbed Hubby and we got right into cleaning and organizing. We got a lot done! The biggest satisfaction came when Hubby finally sorted thru a huge jumble of old cords. Who knows what they belong to, so most went into the trash. We both stood amazed when at last we were done in the two spare bedrooms and hallway. It was all swept, vacuumed and mopped, the trash loaded into the back of the truck and taken to a huge trash bin parked in a central area specifically for the spring clean-up. Whew! BUT it is not over yet....tomorrow we tackle the yard and washing the outside of the windows. I have to take advantage of Hubby's help...*grins wickedly*


Mz.Elle said...

WOW,you're inspiring me!
You folks got a lot done.
I need a boot in the butt,please and thank you;)