Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Farm, Field, Forest

Ok....moment of truth here....I do not recycle everything. Now, before you gasp in horror, I do use reusable bags, I recycle paper and cardboard and water bottles.I replaced incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and turn off lights where I don't need them. I gladly buy local food and organic if at all possible.
Now, I am not going to go without eating meat. I live in the frigid North, so I have no choice but to idle my car if there is no outlet to plug in. The other thing I have not being doing is composting...not a fan. Next, parking my car is not an option for most of the year, since it's far too frigid to walk....and have you ever tried standing at a bus stop for a bus that only runs past the nearest stop every half hour, in the winter where the wind chill can freeze any exposed skin in about 2 minutes flat?

So, Mr. Al Gore.....I do my part to the best of my comfort,I recognize Earth Day because I DO want this Earth to stay as gorgeous and awe inspiring for my Sons and their families.


Anonymous said...

We've switched all of our bulbs too (be careful not to break them, as they apparently have lead in them?) and I use canvas bags when grocery shopping (except for meat).

Have you seen how quickly the Athabasca glacier is receding? They have markers along the path up to it, and it's now at least a mile up from when I saw it as a kid. So sad.

They are planning a wind farm in Dawson Creek, but it won't be operating for at least a year. They should put them all over the North, with how windy it is!