Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is that Green I'm finally seeing???

I know that spring has been on my mind lately and I apologize for going on about it but I'm quite fed up with all the snow we've been getting. I left home on Sat. around noon and was pleased to see that the snow was quite minimal thru the Pine Pass and roads were for the most part dry. Snow started falling again in Prince George, where we spent the night. We saw evidence of snow up until hitting close to Cache Creek and then nothing going into Merritt. Yesterday once again the snow came down. At first I thought, "Oh good, not heavy so it may just be a flurry and stop"...nope!! It snowed heavier and thicker and stuck around until late aft.But today, going over the mountains into the Lower mainland it was fine, the sun was shining and I'm seeing green, Folks...yup, green as in grass, brand new leaves just popping thru and the most gorgeous cherry blossoms....I'm in Heaven

On a different note...spending time with friends and family is priceless and not even weather can hamper that! Hearing my little grandson, Jackson come running up calling, "Grammaaaa" and give big hugs is what makes life precious :) I'm taking lots of pics, so I'll be sharing them after I get home.


Mz.Elle said...

Awww,that little guy must make you so happy:)