Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A group of 9 women and 3 men assembled in a quiet room at the back of a church....all strangers, all sharing one common emotion.....fear!! I could smell it in the room as I entered...oh, it was SO quiet. As we entered the room, we signed an attendance log, picked up our Workbooks and took a seat at a table. Rustling pages could be heard as we all buried our heads in the Workbook and avoided eye contact. As the evening progressed and we'd watched a 1/2 hour introductory video, we moved along to the group share and discussion time. Every single one of us sat in clenched silence, hoping to God someone would break the ice and share....and NOT wanting it to be us for fear we'd totally lose the control we kept only with iron will. Why so afraid?? A collective sigh went around when finally one of the gals started talking, and then horror of horrors....she started, no, NO...oh God, we all quickly grab for the kleenex box. But then a huge collective's safe.
Next week we'll not be the strangers we were last night. Next week, maybe I'll be the brave one to tell my story. Maybe...


Mz.Elle said...

Ohh Faye,beautiful post!
You have me on pins and needles now:P

Mz.Elle said...

And now I know what you were refering too,after reading your previous post;p
I hope you make many wonderful friends and I'm sure you'll get great support:)