Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Fever

I have a definite spring itch to scratch. Note that I have the itch and not Hubby. I have this big brain wave how I want to decorate our bedroom. We never have made our bedroom a priority, so I'm thinking it's time to be selfish.
I stumbled on this magazine website while browsing, which had exactly the paint color I want...warm grey.
Now picture this headboard in black, with the bedding set in gold/light grey/darker grey. Personally, I think it'll make it masculine enough for Hubby, but the gold making it feminine as well.
Now all I need to do is hire a painter??


Rach said...

Ooo lala .. those colours would look great together!

Hmm .. wish we lived closer .. I think I have one that'd do it for free. ;)