Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Job Well Done! old bones doth protest!! Transplanting is certainly hard on the back...oiy! But I have 10 raspberry bushes planted and the green ground coverage planted in between. We decided to go out to the river and collect some small rocks or big stones to spread around for some interest(tomorrow, that is) and Hubby is going to lift the back strip of sod yet and we'll put bark mulch or some such thing there so it won't be such a headache to weed-whack.
I eased my tired, sore, dirty body into a lovely bath and soaked for a while. Oh the pleasure of working out in the yard and see the accomplished results *sigh*
Now a glass of wine and a soft couch will finish my day off quite nicely....Cheers!


Mz.Elle said...

OOOOh hurray!
I love that feeling at the end of the day.
You decorate with rocks too?
I'm famous for rock borders and well placed rocks of interest.
It makes my man man when we move my favourite rocks from one rental house to another,hee