Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Day of May

I'm just chillin' to some great tunes and unwinding from a rather emotionally intense day. I thought I'd get in a few thoughts in before this month comes to an end. I'm excited to be moving towards the summer and the longest day of the year. I love it that when we drive around all is green and lush, the most intense green of the year, with colorful blooms painted in.
We finally got the bark mulch spread out around the raspberry bushes. It looks a lot better and I laid newspaper under it(learned that from a green-thumb neighbor) to prevent the weeds from raising their pesky heads. I want to get rocks to finish the effect, but that's going to wait until I am once again inspired.
Ohhhh.....and the grand finale of the day was a thunder shower.....I love stepping outside into the air that is electrified with the conflict of air temps colliding and the rolling booms acting all bossy, like it's reminding us how big and powerful those dark clouds are. They dump their load of rain and move on. Nature just loves to boast, and so she should, because she is always dressed in the most amazing ball gowns.
Good night May, see you next year :)