Thursday, May 29, 2008


I just wanted to mention a Blog I was referred to by a Blogger friend. You must check this site out if you are at all interested in a fun new Blog template.
It's been a soggy day, with rain pouring down for most of it. I love that fresh spring smell that a freshly showered yard makes. It's not even overly cold!
I had a free DVD rental, so I went out to rent 27 Dresses. I hear it's good and can't wait to watch it.
I've decided to make a huge crab/egg/cheese salad for supper. Basically, I just throw salad fixings in a large bowl and then add those three ingredients to it. Nothing Gourmet about it, but it's just scrumptious!!As fresh seasonal fruit becomes available I like to add it to my salads. I think I've tried them all at some point, but my fav is strawberries and roasted pecans. You can caramelize the pecans if you like, but I'm not allowed too much sweet, so I settle for roasted.
Remember in my last post I talked about dreaming?? Well, I have been browsing thru Southern Hospitality where Rhoda has posted some absolutely stunning ocean/beach pics of her holiday in Florida. If I could crawl thru cyber and go laze on those sugar-white beaches, I'd be in heaven!! *Dreaming*
I have one more link to share. This has just come out and is such a hot item!! I can't wait until they make this available for sale. This is another Stylin' Diabetic treat.


Mz.Elle said...

Hee Hee you linked to me!
:) Doesn't she do great work? She's an awesome gal too.

Mmm,your salad sounds so good.
I think the thrown together meals turn out to be the best.