Friday, May 9, 2008


I read this in How About Orange and thought this would be fun to do, since I haven't done a Meme in a long time :)
I am to list six unremarkable quirks about myself, so here goes:

1) I love lots of 18% cream in my coffee. I know this is, it IS bad for the arteries, but I'm not ready to forego that yet.

2)When I go for a walk I swing my arms back and forth and I also tuck my thumb in behind my fingers....actually Hubby pointed that out to me and it's true.

3)I have a pair of Neon orange Crocs, which are ugly but so comfy that I've been wearing them as soon as I could after the snow melted.

4) I get an Anxiety attack in big crowds of people, where they are pushing you along and it almost becomes a "mob".

5) DO NOT expect me to ever, ever ride a roller way!

6) I love watching Reality shows, even though to some people it's a huge waste of time :P

I'm tagging Rachel
Please be a good sport and keep this going....Rach, I know you'll play along :P