Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Newer is Better.....

...well, not always. My son bought a 1-year-old Ford Lariat F-350 a few years ago. It gave him nothing but problem after problem. So, logic dictated that trading it in for a brand new truck, same as the other one, would give him problem free service. Both my Hubby and son work in the Oil field, so need dependable trucks for work.
Well, once again this truck has given him grief. He's had a couple extremely high towing bills and the recent happening, is two Injectors giving out. So, he hobbled it from Prince George to Dawson Creek and Hubby went out there to pick the family up. Now, Son wishes he could trade it once more, but that isn't an he's without his truck for a couple weeks. Thankfully(or maybe not) they are still on Spring Break-up, with road bans still in effect. That's life sometimes, hey?


Mz.Elle said...

Awww No:(
It sounds like our work truck(big rig) that we used to made Dur go bankrupt with all it's breakdowns. Grrrr.
I hope his luck improves!

Anonymous said...

Did you say 'FORD'? Found On Road Dead, or Fix Or Repair Daily! Why not try a Dodge?