Thursday, May 15, 2008


So...this is the story of my day. I have been totally ambitious today. I not only cleaned and vacuumed my floors and cleaned my kitchen.....I remembered that my son had told me that his wife's Brother, Sis-in-Law and baby fled with only their night clothes when their 4-plex burned down. That was a couple of months ago and since they had no tenant insurance, they lost everything. They have been staying with his Mom, but have finally found a place to rent. That's all fine and dandy, but what to put into the place so they can live there? My son and Daughter-in-law have put together quite a bit of stuff, since a friend of theirs just bought new furniture. I decided this was a good time to totally pull things out of the storage closet and give them anything we won't need or haven't used in a year. It's amazing what you can find! I have a big orange bag filled with towels, a set of queen bed sheets, a shower curtain....well, the list goes on.
Then I did the same thing in my kitchen and found a set of dishes for 4, cutlery set for 4, plastic containers, a juice pitcher...lots of "stuff"!!
By the time I got that all into boxes and everything ready at the door, to take out to my son's place, I was bagged!(excuse the pun:P )
I should know better than to take it one step further and go out to plant the Lavender. I had an old clay pot that had broken so I took the hammer to it and broke it into smaller pieces for the bottom of the large planter for added drainage...and I cut myself pretty bad....ugh!
So, my lesson is to pay attention to my fatigue level and not push it.In the words of Scarlett O'Hara.."I'll worry about it tomorrow" :)


Mz.Elle said...

Ouch,that sounds painful!
I often over do it too.
I guess that trait never goes way,huh?
You found lots of good stuff to give, That's so awesome!