Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The next Saudi-Arabia, Venezuela North? Huh?

I don't generally post articles on news, but this is just too close to home to pass over. I found this article in Time Magazine-Canadian Edition
This article just begs to ask....and we pay high gas prices at the pump, why???

Alberta's sands are poised to increase oil production to Saudi-like levels
Since my Hubby, oldest son, brother and nephew work in the Northern British Columbia Oil fields, this directly affects our household income and therefore our family and city. Only in the BC Oil Industry do we operate on Alberta time.
The other interesting point is that
Canada is poised to become Venezuela north

If you think this is not going to affect anyone outside of the Canadian west....well, think again.
No one working in the oil sands complains about the big paychecks, but beyond the project a serious backlash is growing against the economic and environmental pressures that come with maxing out oil production. A shortage of housing in Fort McMurray has pushed the price of an average home to more than $600,000. Two-bedroom apartments rent for about $3,500 a month.
I could go on but read the story for yourself and see what all the kafuffle is about. I end this with one last thought
The mega-projects across Alberta's oil sands rival some of humankind's greatest engineering achievements, including the pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China. After thousands of years, those ancient projects still bear witness to history. Conservative estimates predict the tar sands will give out in just 70 years. Their legacy to Canada is yet to be written, but it may be a great deal bigger than expectations. With new deposits still being found and technologies improving, the sands could produce for a couple of hundred years more. Forget Venezuela. Canada may become the new Saudi Arabia, the last great oil kingdom, right on the U.S. border.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but have you seen how the exploitation of the tar sands is wrecking the environment and the ecosystems in that area? Not to mention how it is now being recognized that people in the area are being diagnosed with rare cancers?