Friday, June 13, 2008


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1)I am known as a neat freak. Not always an easy label to carry...sometimes it just gets in my way. For example: My F-I-L just passed away. Mom asked us if we'd take care of Dad's things before leaving for home(we live up north and they live 14 hours south of us)You'd think we'd just take the things she's asked us to...Noooo, we decide to de-clutter and my, what a mess we uncovered. We literally threw away a pick-up truck load of stuff to the dump....I am sore!!

2)I love, love sweet yam fries :P

3)I am fascinated with decorating shows.

4)I love hugs from my grandkids....the smell of freshly washed hair and the soft cheeks make them SO kissable.

5)I've decided that I'm not really into camping tent-style anymore.....just love the luxury of Hotels and hot baths.

6)I have to drink filtered water....the unfiltered just tastes gross!

I'm going to tag:
Deb M in BC
Crown of Promise

Sorry folks....that's all :P