Thursday, July 31, 2008

And I Quote...

{ Life [is] a culmination of the past, an awareness of the present, an indication of a future beyond knowledge, the quality that gives a touch of divinity to matter.}
~Charles Lindbergh

Half over, the Best Yet to Come

My week has been full of visiting.....friends and family. The weather has been up and down....windy, cool, thunder storms and hot sunshine. Amazing! This morning I drove out to the campground and had coffee with two brothers, three nieces and my parents. We sat in the sun and enjoyed the moment.
Tomorrow starts a new month and the second half of summer. I anticipate many wonderful days, taking advantage of every drop of sunshine and heat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's been a wonderful two days!! It always is when my Best Friend is close for a visit. We cahtter on and on....I think it's been that way for 35 years.....can you imagine if we had an actual word count for that many years?? Yikes, it would be a crazy amount! We just added a substantial amount the past couple of days.My wish is that we'll lo0ok back some day when we're old and gray...ok, well more old and gray...sitting out on the front porch in rocking chairs, knitting scarves and sipping tea...and wearing the best pair of red high-heels we can find...tee-hee.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chuckle have to admit Maxine is a crazy old gal, but I needed a chuckle today :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Land of Dinosaurs

The Mighty Peace

W.A.C. Bennett Dam

Dinosaur Lake

Peace River Dam

I drove out to Hudson's Hope to visit and have a picnic with Hubby, who is working close by. It was a very hot day, just perfect for a picnic and the gorgeous scenery that surrounds the town. This is what Tourist Info says about this pretty, little town:

Ranching, cereal grain and forage crops are the economic mainstays of this town over looking the Peace River. Residents are fond of telling visitors they live in the land of dinosaurs and dams. Dudley Dinosaur is the town mascot. Be sure to stop in at the museum to discover fossils from the area. Displayed is an 11,600 year old mammoth tusk.
Boaters, paddlers and fishers will find too little time to enjoy all the wilderness spots.

Be sure to tour the WAC Bennett Dam and The Peace Canyon Dam just a few minutes up the road.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Maxine says it all :)


It hasn't rained here in a long while and what rain we did get was either just a sprinkle or nothing much to mention. For that reason, I have tried to keep up with watering both plants and lawn, although the lawn is so dry it smells like hay. This morning i thought I'd better sprinkle the lawn for a while but the oscillating sprinkler doesn't oscillate anymore and is stuck in one position, making it rather useless. So off I go to buy a new one...uh ya, rather a difficult task to find one now. I finally did find a few different ones left at Canadian Tire and though I wasn't impressed with the price, I had very little choice in the matter. So, I bought one that is much like a spray handle attachment, with various spray settings, but is set on a platform on the grass. I'm trying it out right now and it works great!! The settings are circular, oval, 1/2 circle, rectangular and square and has a sleeve that snaps the hose on and off the unit....far quicker. I'm relieved I actually found a sprinkler at all!!With much of the summer still ahead of us, it amazes me that the stores haven't restocked their shelves. Instead all the Back-to-School supplies are now out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've Been Trumped did take me a few seasons, but last one finally won me "Trumped" the rest by far. So, what is it I'm talking about....Donald Trump! To be more precise, "Apprentice". I loved watching the Celebrities Season....something about pitting one famous person against the other....I don't me shallow :P
Soooo, when I was walking past the 2/$10 DVD Bin at Walmart and spotted Season 1 of "The Apprentice", I could not resist. Ah-ha...this is where Omarosa debuted in her role of "Bitch"....and came back for more on the last season.I can now see why she got that reputation...with a capital "B"!!!
Now I'm looking forward to the next "The Celebrity Apprentice". On Rachael Ray show this aft, Ivanka made an appearance and she said that one is already in the works....yay!!


You Are a Strawberry

You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people.

You are popular, but there's nothing you ordinary or average about you.

You a very interesting person, and you have many facets to your personality.

Sometimes you feel very conflicted. Your different sides of your personality pull at you.

You are a very sensual and passionate person. You are fiery... you can't help it.

In general, you keep your passionate side under wraps. You are only wild in private.

Mail Blues

I opened the mail just a bit ago and couldn't resist opening one addressed to Hubby that was blue stationary from the Sheriff's Office, cuz my heart was cranking up to pound it's way out of my know that feeling of panic, cuz what good can come with something from the Sheriff's office?? Actually...I don't know...I've never had one before, but it sounds and looks scary anyhow. As it turns out it's a Jury Summons for Criminal Court. Relief flooded me that it wasn't some notice about some illegal act. I know....I watch all too much know, the kind where you find something out about Hubby that is SO ludicrous and out of character for the man you know....but alas, he has an evil side to him we'd never seen?? Not that serving as a Jurist pays the bills and that I'm overly thrilled about it, but I can handle that. So my heart slowed to a normal rhythm and life has not turned upside down. I must remember that Hollywood is fiction.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eight Foot slither

Have you ever reached into you washing machine and felt something move? This lady did and look what crawled out of the pipes and into her washing machine!! Yikes!!

GORHAM, Maine - A woman got the shock of her life when she found an 8-foot snake mixed in with clothes in her washing machine. The snake, identified as a reticulated python, somehow got into the water pipes of Mara Ranger's 1800s-era farmhouse and slithered into the machine.
Read all about the rescue on MSNBC

Tale of Wee Fish

I joined my Mom and drove out to Cameron Lake, where two sibs and their families are camping this weekend. It was rather cool, with a chilly wind coming off the lake, but that didn't stop the girls from going fishing. So, this is really the Tale of the Wee Fish.

Just a Wee one to leave it's family at such an early age. The girls squealed in pleasure at catching Wee Fish, but then compassion flooded their hearts, as all females have, and they wanted to release Wee Fish back to swim to it's family. But alas, it was brutally snagged on the hook and even Daddy could not remove the hook to save Wee Fish. With many shed tears, the girls resigned to Wee Fish's demise. Daddy solemnly proclaimed that Wee Fish be served as a snack. It was a sorrowful moment, but as fickle as we females can sometimes be.....laughter could once again be heard from the girls.....and off they went to catch more fish. The End!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

All "Dressed" Up

I found a great runner for the dresser and finished the decor by adding candles and stuff that all have a little story behind them. I rather like how it all turned out. Our bedroom is a step closer to how I envision it to be.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mighty Peace

Hubby made a quick trip home, but is headed back to work and camp. This is a view of the Peace River Valley the highway to Hudson Hope winds and twists down to. Hubby is working nearby...what a view!! Notice the Northern Rockies in the background.The Peace River is the only river to cross through the Rocky Mountains from west to east.

A Laugh a day keeps life in Perspective...

I subscribe to Todays Clean Laugh and found this tickled my funny bone. Besides the Oil and Lumber Industry here in the BC North, Farming is huge!! I can just picture Dad owned a Farmall Tractor when I was growing up and we had many a ride on it. Dad would hook up to a trailer loaded with potatoes and take us along to the potato chip was fun and we got to munch of fresh chips on the way home :P You had to crank it in front to get the thing started...can you imagine??!!

*Reasons Why Farm Trucks Are Never Stolen*

* They have a range of about 20 miles before they overheat, break down or run out of gas.

* Only the owner knows how to operate the door to get in or out.

* It is difficult to drive fast with all the fence tools, grease rags, ropes, chains, buckets, boots and loose papers in the cab.

* It takes too long to start and the smoke coming up through the rusted-out floorboard clouds your vision.

* The Border Collie on the toolbox looks mean.

* They're too easy to spot. The description might go something like this: The driver's side door is red, the passenger side door is green, the right front fender is yellow, etc.

* The large round bale in the back makes it hard to see if you're being chased. You could use the mirrors if they weren't cracked and covered with duct tape.

* Top speed is only about 45 mph.

* Who wants a truck that needs a year's worth of maintenance, u-joints, $3,000 in bodywork, taillights and a windshield.

* It's hard to commit a crime with everyone waving at you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Project

Sooooo, my hubby left on Tuesday for camp....meaning he is staying out in the Tullies, working and traveling in to camp to sleep and eat. Anyhow, I got this inspiration. I have decided to paint our bedroom a soft shade of warm gray. As you can see, that color is in the bed-set I have. One step towards this was to drag this old chest-of-drawers out of hiding in the walk-in closet and give it a couple coats of matte black paint. My girlfriend did that with a couple old dressers and I thought that was a brilliant way to freshen up furniture until we can buy new.
It took a lot more work than I anticipated....yikes!! I had to drill holes to put knobs on didn't have any before, but I have broken SO many finger nails pulling those darn drawers out.
Stay tuned for more changes :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

So, here we are on Monday already and tomorrow marks the halfway mark in July. So, my question is....have your kids done everything they can possibly think of already? Are they bored? And, are you ready to send them off to Brat Camp yet??
I'll be the first to admit that I'm ever so grateful that I am through that stage in life and can sit with our son, D-I-L and laugh at their misery...I know, I know....I have a warped sense of humor *grins evilly*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hockey:The embodiment of Canadian Values

I seem to glean so much from reading around the Blogosphere. So, no surprise that I stumbled across this article over at Bill's Stuff.
It's not often we hear Canada's virtues being extolled, so to read these kind words made my Patriotic heart go pitty-patter :)

"Here is Dave Burwick's top-10 list of irreplaceable Canadiana that he'll have to find a way to smuggle past customs:

1 Tim's: What more can I say? It's 110% Canadian (even if it's owned by Americans now). Real coffee for real people, started by a real hockey player.

2 The sheer beauty and diverse geography of the country. From St. John's to Vancouver, with a long stopover in Banff.

3 Sweeter ketchup -- and sweeter Diet Pepsi.

4 Terminal one at Pearson International Airport in Toronto: Nothing's more civilized.

5 The National Anthem: How can you beat the lyrics, "The true north strong and free"?

6 Hockey Night in Canada: One of the last communal TV events left anywhere.

7 Eating a peameal sandwich every Saturday at 7 a. m. during my son's hockey practice. That ritual became Pavlovian.

8 Raising a family right in the middle of the city, and knowing they're safe.

9 Surviving a minus-30-degree day in downtown Winnipeg, and how it made me feel more alive.

10 CBC's coverage of international news. You just can't get that in the U. S."

Take the time to read the whole makes for a very interesting read.
I. Am. Canadian.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Max vs. Maxine

Men’s Answer to Maxine

Ok, you know how much I love Maxine...Her Royal Crabbiness just cracks me up. Well, when I came across Max on Celebrating Women Blog, I couldn't resist to snag it. Hope this makes you chuckle today :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Green words of Truth?

I just came across this article. It's interesting to see how everyone seems to be climbing on board the "Green" wagon.I believe that God created this earth and then told man-kind to care for it. I just wonder if this is what God had in mind??

From the back cover:

"This Green-Letter edition of the Bible will highlight scriptures in green ink that teach about God's care for creation and how God interacts with creation, in an effort to bring greater awareness to how this message is woven throughout the Old and New Testaments.

Essays from leading conservationists and theologians on how to read the Bible through a "green lens" as well as a green topical index and Green Bible trail guide for personal study will be paired with teachings throughout the ages to show people how caring for God's creation is not only a calling, but a lifestyle."

Do you think think businesses and marketing agencies are using this new trend toward going "Green" to take advantage of squeezing money from every possible pocket, (which is of course the whole idea behind marketing)? The spiel on the back even goes so far as to say that the book "shows people how caring for God's creation is not only a calling, but a lifestyle"?
Selling a Green God?


No, I'm not in Kansas...I did however have quite the road trip. We left on Tuesday aft to drive to the Lower Mainland to deal with more Government paperwork for Hubby's Mom's pension, etc....why does it have to be SO darn confusing, complicated and screwed up??? Never mind answering's the Government, that's why :P
It's a long trip, taking 14 hours of driving to get there, passing thru Williams Lake, where I always wave and say hi to fellow Blogger friend, Ms. L {Hiiiiii....Byyyeeee}
Towards Cache Creek the elevation gets pretty high and the rain that was coming down suddenly grew thick and slushy...what???!!!...snow in July?? Bazaar!!
On the way back home our tires started to bounce and vibrate, causing hubby to think the tires needed to be balanced(ok, don't laugh....I really don't know much about these things :P) It was getting worse so we stopped to have it checked out. Horrors....the rubber on three tires was separating from the steel walls!! Yikes, not funny! But, we have low-profile sport tires, which are hard to find....what to do in a small town?? While Hubby got on the phone to see if the Dealership in the Lower Mainland had some they could over-night to us, the mechanic called the local Kal-Tire and wonder of wonders....they "happened" to have 4 almost brand new ones they couldn't get rid we bought four new tires for a small fraction of a brand new set...We were feeling very blessed by that time. We got home just before 11:00pm....but we were home to sleep in our own bed *blissful sigh*

A Few Facts

My sister had this posted on her blog, and although she didn't tag me .. I thought it would be fun to do anyway. Each has to be answered with just one word .. can you do it?
So here goes mine ...
1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your significant other? work
3. Your hair? dyed
4. Your mother? retired
5. Your father? retired
6. Your favorite thing? hugs
7. Your dream last night? didn't
8 Your favorite drink? coffee
9. Your dream/goal? travel
10. The room you’re in? diningroom
11. Your hobby? scrapbooking
12. Your fear? heights
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? richer
14. What you’re not? thin
15. Muffins? yum
16. One of your wish list items? diamonds
17. Where you grew up? Ontario
18. The last thing you did? laundry
19. What are you wearing? t-shirt
20. Favorite gadget? computer
21. Your pets? none
22. Your computer? Dell
23. Your mood? low
24. Missing someone? sisters
25. Your car? Focus
26. Something you’re not wearing? watch
27. Favorite store? Jewelry
28. Like someone? yep
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday
31. Last time you cried? today

Monday, July 7, 2008

Updated pics

Our son, daughter-in-law and two kids went to Tumbler Ridge, BC camping in their new 5th-wheel this past weekend. I nabbed a few pics to post on here. Tumbler Ridge is pretty close to Fort St. John and and is nestled up close to the Mountains as well.