Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hockey:The embodiment of Canadian Values

I seem to glean so much from reading around the Blogosphere. So, no surprise that I stumbled across this article over at Bill's Stuff.
It's not often we hear Canada's virtues being extolled, so to read these kind words made my Patriotic heart go pitty-patter :)

"Here is Dave Burwick's top-10 list of irreplaceable Canadiana that he'll have to find a way to smuggle past customs:

1 Tim's: What more can I say? It's 110% Canadian (even if it's owned by Americans now). Real coffee for real people, started by a real hockey player.

2 The sheer beauty and diverse geography of the country. From St. John's to Vancouver, with a long stopover in Banff.

3 Sweeter ketchup -- and sweeter Diet Pepsi.

4 Terminal one at Pearson International Airport in Toronto: Nothing's more civilized.

5 The National Anthem: How can you beat the lyrics, "The true north strong and free"?

6 Hockey Night in Canada: One of the last communal TV events left anywhere.

7 Eating a peameal sandwich every Saturday at 7 a. m. during my son's hockey practice. That ritual became Pavlovian.

8 Raising a family right in the middle of the city, and knowing they're safe.

9 Surviving a minus-30-degree day in downtown Winnipeg, and how it made me feel more alive.

10 CBC's coverage of international news. You just can't get that in the U. S."

Take the time to read the whole makes for a very interesting read.
I. Am. Canadian.


Mz.Elle said...

I can totally relate to the -30 thing. I think that's why I LOVE winter so much.