Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've Been Trumped did take me a few seasons, but last one finally won me "Trumped" the rest by far. So, what is it I'm talking about....Donald Trump! To be more precise, "Apprentice". I loved watching the Celebrities Season....something about pitting one famous person against the other....I don't me shallow :P
Soooo, when I was walking past the 2/$10 DVD Bin at Walmart and spotted Season 1 of "The Apprentice", I could not resist. Ah-ha...this is where Omarosa debuted in her role of "Bitch"....and came back for more on the last season.I can now see why she got that reputation...with a capital "B"!!!
Now I'm looking forward to the next "The Celebrity Apprentice". On Rachael Ray show this aft, Ivanka made an appearance and she said that one is already in the works....yay!!