Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mail Blues

I opened the mail just a bit ago and couldn't resist opening one addressed to Hubby that was blue stationary from the Sheriff's Office, cuz my heart was cranking up to pound it's way out of my know that feeling of panic, cuz what good can come with something from the Sheriff's office?? Actually...I don't know...I've never had one before, but it sounds and looks scary anyhow. As it turns out it's a Jury Summons for Criminal Court. Relief flooded me that it wasn't some notice about some illegal act. I know....I watch all too much know, the kind where you find something out about Hubby that is SO ludicrous and out of character for the man you know....but alas, he has an evil side to him we'd never seen?? Not that serving as a Jurist pays the bills and that I'm overly thrilled about it, but I can handle that. So my heart slowed to a normal rhythm and life has not turned upside down. I must remember that Hollywood is fiction.


Anonymous said...

And what was G's reaction? I would love to be on a jury, as long as it was only during school hours though.

Faye said...

He is out of town, so I just e-mailed him with the news and haven't heard his response. I know....I was bummed it wasn't me...I think it would very interesting!