Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Project

Sooooo, my hubby left on Tuesday for camp....meaning he is staying out in the Tullies, working and traveling in to camp to sleep and eat. Anyhow, I got this inspiration. I have decided to paint our bedroom a soft shade of warm gray. As you can see, that color is in the bed-set I have. One step towards this was to drag this old chest-of-drawers out of hiding in the walk-in closet and give it a couple coats of matte black paint. My girlfriend did that with a couple old dressers and I thought that was a brilliant way to freshen up furniture until we can buy new.
It took a lot more work than I anticipated....yikes!! I had to drill holes to put knobs on didn't have any before, but I have broken SO many finger nails pulling those darn drawers out.
Stay tuned for more changes :)


Mz.Elle said...

It's fun to makes changes like that,isn't it?? I can't wait til I own my own place.