Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tale of Wee Fish

I joined my Mom and drove out to Cameron Lake, where two sibs and their families are camping this weekend. It was rather cool, with a chilly wind coming off the lake, but that didn't stop the girls from going fishing. So, this is really the Tale of the Wee Fish.

Just a Wee one to leave it's family at such an early age. The girls squealed in pleasure at catching Wee Fish, but then compassion flooded their hearts, as all females have, and they wanted to release Wee Fish back to swim to it's family. But alas, it was brutally snagged on the hook and even Daddy could not remove the hook to save Wee Fish. With many shed tears, the girls resigned to Wee Fish's demise. Daddy solemnly proclaimed that Wee Fish be served as a snack. It was a sorrowful moment, but as fickle as we females can sometimes be.....laughter could once again be heard from the girls.....and off they went to catch more fish. The End!


Anonymous said...

Eewww, and they touched the fish too! I love my fish filleted, with no head or tail, ready to cook. That poor, little fish. At least that hook didn't end up in someone's arm - didya hear about that story?