Friday, July 11, 2008


No, I'm not in Kansas...I did however have quite the road trip. We left on Tuesday aft to drive to the Lower Mainland to deal with more Government paperwork for Hubby's Mom's pension, etc....why does it have to be SO darn confusing, complicated and screwed up??? Never mind answering's the Government, that's why :P
It's a long trip, taking 14 hours of driving to get there, passing thru Williams Lake, where I always wave and say hi to fellow Blogger friend, Ms. L {Hiiiiii....Byyyeeee}
Towards Cache Creek the elevation gets pretty high and the rain that was coming down suddenly grew thick and slushy...what???!!!...snow in July?? Bazaar!!
On the way back home our tires started to bounce and vibrate, causing hubby to think the tires needed to be balanced(ok, don't laugh....I really don't know much about these things :P) It was getting worse so we stopped to have it checked out. Horrors....the rubber on three tires was separating from the steel walls!! Yikes, not funny! But, we have low-profile sport tires, which are hard to find....what to do in a small town?? While Hubby got on the phone to see if the Dealership in the Lower Mainland had some they could over-night to us, the mechanic called the local Kal-Tire and wonder of wonders....they "happened" to have 4 almost brand new ones they couldn't get rid we bought four new tires for a small fraction of a brand new set...We were feeling very blessed by that time. We got home just before 11:00pm....but we were home to sleep in our own bed *blissful sigh*


Mz.Elle said...

Ack,you hit the snow too?
So did Durell! Weird weather!

LOL,I was just thinking about you
driving through and waving at me so I must be picking up on you as you go through!
I'd love to have coffee with you too,BTW! It's be great to meet you in person.
I'm sorry bout your tires,that must have scared the pants of you!
Happy about the kick butt deal you got too,what luck!
Enjoy your wonderful home and comfy bed:) I am always thankful to
be home too.