Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bright Idea

So, here's the story of the light fixture.
Once upon a time, we bought this lovely Modular home, choosing carefully all the decor, the colors, carpet, fireplace, etc. I didn't like any of the dining room fixtures available at the time, so we just had a small fixture installed, planning to go looking for one to replace it. Looking at the dining room one day, DH decides we should get that new light fixture.
I go shopping and find one at an incredible deal. Now starts the fun part....DH is just not a handyman, but how hard can it be to install the light? Uh...ya. Needless to say, it really turned into a nightmare....DH gets the wiring done but didn't have those chandelier bulbs. I run out to get them, only they were the wrong size (who knew that when it says B-Style on the box, there were several B-Style) back to exchange them for the correct ones. Everything is set, the breaker flipped back on and...what??!!...only 2 of the 4 sockets work????....what the ****???
Big huff....down comes the fixture and dropped into the box with all the bubble wrap, little bags, Styrofoam,instructions....into the car to return the faulty fixture and off to go find another one we both liked.
Yay....Canadian Tire has a sale...*jumps for joy*
We come home all pleased with ourselves for remembering to buy the right size bulbs right away. No more guess work. This time it doesn't take as long to install...and wow, after screwing in the light bulbs, flipping the breaker and wait for it...yup, it works...wahoo!!
DH goes out feeling like he just conquered the world and all that testosterone high had him mow the lawn, just to wrap up the day on a positive note. He had just sank into a hot bath when I decided to switch on the TV...exhausted and ready to veg.
Oh, oh...the discovery of none of the living room electronics working, I run into the bathroom almost in tears what??!!
I will end this tale quickly by telling you that after consulting with one of my brothers, DH fixed the problem and all is merry and bright in our dining room (and I informed DH that I will just hire someone next time to do any handiwork around here and just surprise him with the finished project)
Ah....all is well in Who-ville :)