Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog Days


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We're smack dab in the heat wave of the dog days of August that I remember from years ago. You know the kind??...drenched in sweat the moment you step from a cooling running at high speed and you have to actually stand right in front of it to feel any difference at all..absolutely NO energy to get any extra things done around the house..sitting on the porch steps sucking on Popsicles..sitting in the cool of the late evening and watching a lightening show as a thunder storm rolls in..reading a good book..running with abandon thru a sprinkler and the freezing water doesn't faze
the wood drenched smell of campfires mingling with BBQed meat..the smell of fresh cut hay when the rain causes the scent to burst from it. I could go on and on...the wonder of summers past and present. Here is my more recent awe inspiring moment: