Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Weekend

Here we have arrived at Friday already and looking forward to the weekend. I'm excited because my Hubby, who is working night shift at a Drilling Rig and stays away at camp, is coming home on Sunday. He's taking 5 days off.Here is a video clip he took.(if this does not show as a video, just click on the little box in the bottom left-hand corner.)
We have been basking in this gorgeous, sunny warm fall weather. I know technically it's not fall yet, but we live in N.E. British Columbia, so we're full into the beauty of yellow, gold and red leaves, with many smaller trees and bushes already shedding their leaves. Summer, Fall and spring are short seasons, with Winter being 7-8 months long, so I make it a point to enjoy as many outdoorsy days as possible.
Enjoy the Golden days of fall this weekend :)