Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rambling Thoughts

This week has brought amazing sunny days and warmer temperatures. It's our "Indian Summer" and I've taken advantage of it by doing stuff outdoors. I grabbed the Mr. Clean hose attachment, added a bottle of window soap and sprayed/cleaned the outside of my windows. Quite a job, but that attachment makes it SO much easier than climbing a ladder and juggling a bucket of water, and a squeegee, never mind trying to catch those streaks with newspaper, that just miraculously appear after the ladder is put away and you come inside to admire your handiwork. With the Mr. Clean attachment is a filtered rinse for a streak-free shine.
Then I needed to tackle some planters. Some of the flowers are bravely hanging in there, so I didn't have the heart to ditch them. I'm hoping the pansies will bloom thru the weekend yet.
I did a bit more fall decorating indoors. Not much since I really do not have room for it. This year I have a different theme for some odd reason. I have "fruit" and leaves around the house. You know....pomegranates, apples and, red amd green leaves.
I am not into Halloween decor, since I volunteer at our church "Candy Planet" on Halloween night. This year I will be away, so I just decided it wasn't worth the effort. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend already and I tend to get more into that Holiday :)
Then, on the 10th is our 32nd Anniversary...yes, we got married on the Thanksgiving weekend, on a gorgeous fall day.
Well, my coffee mug is drained so I'm going for a refill and on to other Blogs :)


hippo chick said...

Does that Mr. Clean thing really work? I would LOVE to use it. My hubby just laughs at me when I suggest it.

Sounds like you've been really busy. We've had rain, rain, rain this week. If tomorrow is nice I hope to get into the garden. We'll see.

Have a happy weekend.

~hippo hugs~

Faye said...

Yes, It really DOES joke!! Here the water is so hard that nothing would dry streak free with out filtered water.