Friday, November 7, 2008

Canadian Winter

Looking out back into the School playground

Going out the front door onto the porch

My poor car is wearing snow

Here in Northern BC we break all the rules when it comes to seasons. The calendar does not dictate when each season officially begins....we watch winter melt into one big mud puddle, that only dries up when spring turns to summer. Summer quickly fades into fall, as leaves start turning yellow already in August. We have had a great fall this year, since snow fall can come already in, wait....snow fall can and has come every month of the year. So, for us it's already getting around it. But, what makes us tolerate the long winter is that the Oil industry thrives in this season, making it possible to form ice bridges over the frozen Muskeg, that can otherwise suck big, oversize equipment into the quagmire. During spring break-up, road bans go up and nothing can drive over the greasy mud.
This article says it all:
"The winter season is conducive In a large degree to the commercial activity and prosperity of the country. The great lumbering interest of the country could not be carried on without a tremendous increase of expenditure if it were not for the kindly aid of frost and snow. Then, and only then, can this work be carried on with despatch and profit to the operator and the country. The frost makes bridges without a cent of cost ; the snow provides the best roads over the roughest of countries; the melting snow of the spring provides force and carries the winter's cut out of the streams from the interior at a minimum of cost and in the shortest space of time. All of this is worth millions to the country annually."
Read more in "Canadian Winter - It's Value and Charm"


Unknown said...

Hey?? What's all that white stuff??

hippo chick said...

Hi Faye,

I've been away a few days and am just catching up. I'm a Starbucks fan myself so I think the gift for your hubby was perfect.

I loved your winter pictures and they interesting facts about BC.

Thanks for sharing.

~hippo hugs~

Marjolein said...

Oh my gosh, I thought Winter was not here for a long time! I live in Ontario, hopefully it stays away for a while, but I must admit.... it looks nice on the pictures!