Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fresh Cold Air

This morning I woke up to a bit more fallen snow. The temps weren't bad, so going out the clear the snow off the porch, steps and walk way was pleasant. I shoveled the entire driveway again as well, since it was melting a bit and that gave it a chance to maybe melt all the snow such luck. Instead it's become crunchy and icy. I needed to go out, so I bought a couple bags of this new de-icer. It's environmentally safe and contains fertilizer to feed the lawns, instead of kill it....bonus. A couple of years ago all the grass along the sidewalk died and what melted snow made it's way to a bit of a dip in the front lawn died looked terrible and one spot I had to make into a spot for some rocks and a planter.
So, now back to the Christmas theme...we used to have a live C-mas tree when the boys were growing up. When we moved up here and now live in a brand new home, I didn't want the mess of a live tree, so I talked hubby into a fiber-optic fake tree. As it turns out, it was really too big and took up so much space that it was hard to fit guests and family all in the living-room. So, today I decided to buy a smaller one, similar to, but a bit bigger(4')than the one above. Again, with the boys all grown up with families of their own, they enjoy their own early morning rise to open stockings and gifts, so by the time we arrive at my oldest son's home with arm loads of gifts, for a big breakfast,we open more gifts :) So, there is no point in crowding our living-room. The tree comes with lights, pine cones and holy berries already on it....all I have to do is decorate with our memorable ornaments.
So, now that I'm home and have had my fresh air and exercise, I'm ready for supper :)