Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 150th Birthday British Columbia

The Day a Colony was Born
November 19, 1858
Our Province of British Columbia started out at the Hudson's Bay Co. Trading Post that kept watch over the coffee-colored Simon Fraser's River for more than 30 years. The steady downpour dimpling the surface where it gurgled past steep, loamy banks leading up to the Square, enclosed by the timber Palisades of Fort Langley. The ceremony at Fort Langley was to

"formalize what had already been done on the Pacific slope by James Douglas, the former Hudson's Bay Co. factor from Fort Victoria and now governor of the colony of Vancouver Island, when he unilaterally exerted administrative authority over the mainland north of the 49th."

The Vancouver Sun Published their article today with a detailed story of our history.

"Now, by royal proclamation, a new colony was to be created and Douglas was to be its governor, too. Since there were already two New Caledonias on the map, Queen Victoria had decided the colony would be named British Columbia, combining the emerging notion of a British North America with the name of the Columbia district for which Fort Victoria was the administrative centre."