Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let me introduce.....

....My Sister and her family in Kenora



Linayah baby sis

Keelan - an Ontario Provincial Police Constable

....and his cruise car

....who thought it was quite cute to put me in jail ( I willingly went in for a picture..haha)

I had such an awesome visit and enjoyed getting to know the kids at this much older age than the last time we were together. Kathy & I talked non-stop the entire 8 days I was there...I swear!They have only lived in Kenora for just over a year but have really settled in. The kids are all in school, with Linayah having started Junior Kindergarten this year, so she is only gone 2 full days a week. Poor little one is still getting used to the long days and often falls asleep on her way home.
Kenora is a very pretty town situated beside the "The Lake of the Woods", so in the warmer months the population triples with tourists and those with summer cottages. Keelan & Kathy bought a lovely sail boat this past summer and enjoy family time aboard, since it has full facilities for sleeping and eating.
I'm SO glad I had the opportunity to stay with them.


Unknown said...

Great Pics.. I'm loving the music!

Cheryl Wray said...

SO glad you had such a good trip!! (That picture of your sister cracks me up. She doesn't seem too thrilled that you're taking her pic!)

Have a great weekend!

Mz.Elle said...

Awww Nice!

HA! Iknew you were a bad girl;p
There is a photo of me in the back of a PC my facebook album I think.

My family is from Kenora.
My great grandmother came to Kenora
from Sweden and raised her family there. In fact,she'ds buried in the cemetary there beside her husband who died in a tragic train accident(while working) After his death,the family moved to BC where my grandma had my mother and so on and so forth. I've always wanted to visit!