Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mother Letter Project

While browsing through my Bog Roll, I came across this very interesting post on Rocks in my Dryer It SO intrigued me that I had to follow through and see what all this was about. Please read an excerpt of the Post below and then follow your own may be surprised by the journey :)

"Let me tell you a little story.

Danny (not his real name, and you'll understand why in a minute) is a husband and father who wanted to do something special for his wife this Christmas. They were both fed up with the materialistic emptiness the holidays often brought: "typical American Christmas—gizmos, gadgets, whatnots, and an oversized helping of turkey," as he calls it.

This was spurred, in part, by a trip to Africa in 2008. When he saw the great need there, he knew he had to do something better with his money this Christmas.

He and his wife agreed that they would spend no money on each other this year, instead sending as much as they could to the humanitarian efforts underway in the village Danny visited. In place of material gifts to each other, they would make gifts for each other, gifts that didn't cost money--only effort and creativity.

He hatched a brilliant idea.

His wife is the mother of small children, a season of life often fraught with discouragement and exhaustion. He began asking some mothers he knew in real life to submit letters of encouragement to her, sharing their best bits of motherhood wisdom. He planned to collect the letters to give to her Christmas morning.

Danny's idea was well-received by friends, but he began to realize his "mother network" was fairly small. He wanted to broaden the scope of his idea and find a way for more women to encourage his wife.

The Mother Letter Project was born.

This is a simple blog that tells his family's story, and it invites women--strangers, friends, from all walks of life--to write a letter to his wife, encouraging her in her mothering journey."

See??? What did I tell are just as intrigued as I was, right?? So, join in and write a letter. Go to "Danny's" Blog and read more.