Friday, November 14, 2008


Relationships...complex, fulfilling, deep commitment, nurturing,maintaining...
the list goes on and on.
All of us are in a relationship, to differing levels our whole life. We are born a son or daughter, we are friends, we are siblings (if we're lucky)we have a teacher, a pastor, a boy/girlfriend,a husband/wife, a child(ren), a boss, are a co-worker, business owner...and serve in many more relational rolls in our lifetime.

I direct you now to an article my Hubby wrote : Relational Irritants in which he states "Here is a notion: relationships do not get complicated if we keep it simple. Simple only works if simplicity is the course of action right from the beginning.
You see, relationships, like your physical health, do not tangle up into a complicated mess if the daily bite size maintenance is done. The operative words here are “daily” and “bite size”."

It's a thought provoking article and one worth the read. You will also find a book recommended titled "Relationships : A Mess Worth Making"
We were created to be in Relationships...the most important one being with our God who created us this way.
Enjoy your weekend.