Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've been tagged by Lael at Those Weird Homeschoolers

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6 Random Things About Me:
1)I just started an exercise program with the Chronic Illness program in the hospital. I qualify because of the obvious, I have Diabetes and Fibromyalgia, and I need to lose major weight...duh!!!

2)I just came from the lovely craft store we have near by and spent far too much....that's what I get for having toom many hobbies!!

3)Christmas is my favorite holiday by far...I love the tastes, smells, music, glitter...all things festive.

4)I have started filling out my Christmas cards and plan to finish off addressing the envelopes to mail them off by Dec.1st.

5)I love dogs! I am not a cat person! Why don't I have a dog?? Well, right now it would be too inconvenient, since I like the freedom of traveling and not worrying about my sweet doggie in a kennel :(

6)I am a social person and need to have friends or I get terribly lonely....but I also like my own space.

The 6 Privileged Ones I Tag:
Hippo Chick
# 6 is for anyone wanting to do this....let me know and I'll check yours out!! :)