Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My day seems to be all about ice.
FIRST: Hubby hits a patch of ice at the intersection of a road and Highway....slides right thru to the opposite side of the highway, where running board broadsides the snow in the ditch, leaving a crease just under the running board (which totals the stupid thing - did I say it's on the passenger side and I'll need a ladder to climb into the truck???)sooooooooo, after a visit to our Insurance carrier (ICBC) Hubby discovers that the soonest the truck can get in for repairs is the 19th of January. Now we apparently should be jumping for joy because the other shop can't take the truck until April!!!! ACK!!!

SECOND: I am at traffic lights and I proceed on the green light, only to discover that the car coming from my left couldn't stop when her light turned red and is coming right at me...I floored it...not that it gave me much more speed, but enough to get out of her way.Thank God!

THIRD: I turn into my street and the front tires keep going, but the rear end decides it wants to sway and dance before coming in behind and following. In the meantime a van is approaching but thankfully slows until my car behaves itself. EEK!'s winter in the snowy North East British Columbia :)