Monday, December 15, 2008


I have totally been slackin'!! I mean....I've been puttering around doing this, that and the other thing, but have been struggling with aching muscles and fatigue the past few days.
But....I have only a couple more gifts to wrap and then I'm finished and can relax until C-mas....wahoo!!! I SO dislike crowded stores at this time of year and avoid them at all costs. It's just far more fun to get a call that a parcel of ordered gifts needs picking up OR is delivered right to my door.
Don't get me wrong....I love to snoop around unique shops and I also love to spend time browsing or shopping with girlfriends or sisters in particular :)
What are the top 5 reasons you dislike about Christmas and the top 5 reasons you love Christmas???

1) Crowded malls and stores
2) Scrooge...Bah Humbug!!
3) How cheap commercialism has made this time of year.
4) snuffly noses
5) buying a gift for someone I either don't know or for someone I don't know at all!

1) the sheer glee of kids ripping open their gifts
2) Eggnog and Mulled Cider.
3) The pretty lights all over the makes me SO happy!
4) Seeing as many loved ones as possible
5) Opening gifts...duh :P


On Purpose said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and your encouragement and prayers! Love to you!

hippo chick said...


Those aching muscles and fatigue sound like fibromyalgia. Is that a possibility? Take care.

I love your blog look.

~hippo hugs~

Faye said...

Hippo...I have had Fibro for 10 years now, so your guess is right....just not sure why I have this flare up now?...but then never know when it's going to flare :(

Mz.Elle said...

LOL,I'm laughing at your last one.