Sunday, December 7, 2008

"True Patriot Love"??....

I received this article, e-mailed to me from an Aunt. How very very sad!!

Let me see if I have this all straight.

The NDP had already hatched a plan for a bloodless coup d'etat prior to the
economic statement by Mr. Flaherty.

It apparently didn't matter that Canadians just voted and elected Mr.
Harper. Mr. Layton doesn't care that we just had a $300 million election.

Mr. Dion announced his intention to step down, but the coup will put him
into the Prime Minister's office even though he got the fewest votes of any
Liberal since Confederation.

The Bloc Quebecois holds the balance of power and the key to government
stability. Hang on, do I have this right? Mr. Duceppe is the defacto
Prime Minister in this game of political monopoly?

So, to recap:

Mr. Harper won, but really lost the election. Mr. Layton lost, but
actually won. Mr. Dion quit but is going to be Prime Minister. And Mr.
Duceppe is laughing his backside off because he is the one who is really in
charge of the stability of Canadian government while being committed
breaking up the country.

Hmmm. I just wanted to make sure I understood all of it. Welcome to our
new banana republic – land of the political wing-nuts.
Author unknown