Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Worst Gifts to give a Guy

You may recall me posting Top 10 Lamest Gifts You can Buy a Woman. Well in response to it, here are the 10 Worst Gifts to Give a Man...fair enough :) Go to Totally Her
for the detailed post.

1. Ties
There are only two types of men: those who hate ties, and those who grudgingly accept them as part of the job. They choke us, and make us feel like a cog in the machine.

2. Socks
Socks are lame, forgettable, and men just don’t care about them. Enough said. Next!

3. Cheap liquor
If you truly would like to give us a good Christmas present, don’t be cheap, and get the best you can afford — we’ll thank you for it!

4. The latest video game or DVD
Actually, this is not such a bad idea, it’s more of a warning. First make sure that he did not buy it already. And second, just make sure that’s the game he wanted.

5. Self-help anything
Men try to think of themselves as mature, in control, taking care of business people. Of course it doesn’t mean we are that way, but we like to think of ourselves that way. So we are generally very discrete when we pick self-help books, and generally don’t like other people doing it for us, no matter how well intentioned they are.

6. Female-oriented Spa certificates
Most men these days do like Jacuzzis and massage, no question about it. But if a girl gos and buys from the same Spa she likes — or even worse, her Yoga Spa — what men end up with is with throw away gift, and an expensive one to boot.

7. Gift cards
So you don’t know what to get, or you don’t have the time, or you don’t care, so you get a gift card! Right? Wrong! Gift cards say a lot about you, and for the most part they don’t say much good about you. Try to get something instead, make an effort — we notice!

8. Exercise gear
This is gray area, go for it if you truly know he likes it a lot, and he works out all the time. Otherwise, again, it could be seen as those gifts with a bite, it is a gift but also a big in-your-face criticism.

9. Tickets to ballet or opera
It’s a pretty good bet that this is more a gift to you than to him, so why do it?

10. Anything diet
And I am talking here books on diets, diet menus, diet food, diet DVDs, diet whatever!