Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going from Snow Storm to Rain Storm to -30c!!!

I'm spending the final afternoon/evening in our hotel room and tomorrow morning at 3:30am we're going to haul ourselves back up to the North country. I know...darn early is what I say too!!....but Hubby starts work early Saturday morning and it's a 14 hour drive on clear roads....more if there are mud slides ot slippery patches along the way. This morning I bought the biggest Rubbermaid tote I could find to pack all the goodies that we've accumulated in, making for less trips back and forth to load/unload the truck. I needed one anyhow at home, to pack away spare blankets/pillows.
Speaking of truck...hubby has gone to pick up the truck and drop off the Courtesy van. I'll post pics of the newly added features on should see looks SO cool, with a new big black, steel bumper, Nerf bars and runs like a dream, with a sexy deep rumble :P

Another fun bit of news....our 2nd oldest son has gotten a job with his older brother up North to earn some extra money to get into the Sheriff's course at the Justice Institute in Burnaby, BC. He's already up North, has bought his truck new snow tires, himself warm weather clothes and has taken the courses he needs to work and will be training under our oldest son. He will work until spring break-up (the frozen roads melt into greasy mud and no one is allowed to drive on them until they've dried), which usually starts around April sometime. It'll be nice to have both sons close by, although we may not see them until April, since the guys work long, crazy days to make most of their annual income in the frozen months of fall/winter.

I'll be back on Saturday to post pics and more news of our Christmas/New Year trip to Southern BC.