Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Rosey Thought

What Color Rose Should You Give for Valentine’s Day?

Article by: Denise

Wondering what color rose to give to the special people in your life? Whether you’re showering someone with a bouquet for Valentine’s Day or “just because,” this guide will show you what each color rose symbolizes.


Arguably the most popular rose color, red symbolizes love, passion, and desire — no wonder red roses are so popular for Valentine’s Day! There are tons of variations on the red rose, and the one you choose should be one that most accurately represents your feelings for that person.

Yellow roses are a popular symbol of friendship. They can also represent love between family and friends and happiness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can use yellow roses to express sympathy to someone in need of a little care. Along with yellow roses, other roses in this color spectrum (orange and peach) symbolize pride, or appreciation and desire, respectively.


There’s a reason white is the prime color for weddings. White roses symbolize purity, unity, and deep affection. When combined with red roses, you form a powerful bouquet of undying love and sentiment for your special someone. For a nice alternative to red roses on Valentine’s Day, consider giving a bouquet of white roses or a combination of both.


While similar in theme to red roses, pink roses are a lighter symbol of love and affection. Pink roses are perfect for a couple’s first Valentine’s Day together or as a lighthearted gesture of romance and playfulness. Combine pink and light red roses for a truly meaningful sentiment.

Learning the true symbolism behind each color rose allows you to pick the perfect bouquet for that special someone in your life and convey your emotions in a thoughtful, beautiful way. When one emotion isn’t enough, you can combine different colors to create a lasting impression on the people who are important to you in your life!


Cheryl Wray said...

That was cool information!!! I love flowers...but, actually, wild flowers or something different makes me just as happy as roses.:-)

Hey...I finally did your photo meme you tagged me with! lol

Mz.Elle said...

I love your new look!

I love yellow roses with purple
tulips,so pretty.