Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

I'm just catching up on here from neglecting to post for a couple of days. I watched the Oscar on Sunday night, with millions of others around the world. Hugh Jackman gave a rousing start, with a healthy dose of old-fashioned Hollywood razzle-dazzle. I love it that this year the Oscars had "more show than biz", according to Hugh in his interview with Barbra From. Not only was Hugh a entertaining Host, but he showed he has more talent besides Hosting and and dance.
Then there was the Red Carpet, showing off all the glamour of the Stars. Some of my favourites are:
I appreciated how simply elegant both Brad and Angelina were dressed.
Kate Winslet was a stunning as usual.
Anne Hathaway was shining in her strapless gown.
Beyonce made a dramatic figue in black and bronze gown.
Amy Adams looked like a song, with a gorgeous collar of jewels around her neck.
Amanda Seyfried looked cute in a gown cinched with a big bow.
Miley Cyrus looked as pretty as a princess.
I haven't seen all the movies nominated and don't think I'd even rent all the movies nominated, but it's fun to see all the glitz and glam :)