Friday, February 6, 2009

Obesity Tax?

It's amazing what variety of posts one can run across when browsing. This afternoon I ran across this one: Obesity Tax?? over at Totally Her. To say this could be a very controversial, ongoing discussion is the understatement of the year!! Without getting into WWW3 over it, let me just mention a comment I heard on Larry King Live this week on the Government bailout:

KIYOSAKI: Right. But she might have to go and do something extra. See, this whole thing about what I'm getting sick of with America is people want somebody to save them. They feel sorry for themselves. This is not going to save this country. You know, to expect -- the more the government bails us out, the more we become socialists. That's what I fought in Vietnam against. I don't want the government to take care of me. Take care of ourselves.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Brother, Rich Sister, Two Paths to God Money and Happiness."

I agree that we look to the Government far too often to "bail us out" of a situation. If we hear on the News that Obesity has become a childhood epidemic, then why can't we be motivated to do something about it before a tax law is enforced against us, like it was for smoking.

The truth is, it’s sad that our government feels that the best way to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity is to tax the parents who provide these things for their children. Why is it that a hit to the wallet is the trigger that will cause us adults, the caretakers of our children’s health, to be more aware of what we are allowing our children to consume?


Personally I hold myself responsible for my own weight issues. I acknowledge that I cannot blame all my weight gain to meds, metabolism or genetics. However,until our children reach the age of adult and are out buying their own food, we must take a responsible account for our influence and training into their lives.

Hmmm....very thought provoking.