Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I've done something so very foreign to me, that I can hardly believe it myself!! I had a fairly late start to my day, but then got caught up in doing chores and stuff in my pajamas. When I finally mentioned to Hubby that I really should get showered and dressed, he said..."Why, what's the big deal to just hang out in your pajamas today? Besides, in a few hours you're going to want to change back into them anyhow"....true, very true. He just commented to the fact that I took him up on his advice, with this dorky smile...hahaha!
My status on Facebook is that I'm slackin'....and my brother left a comment, shocked that I'm slackin'. I guess I'm just feeling like sometime I can slack off and it's ok. Don't worry....I will not be making this a habit and have plans that take me out tomorrow, so I'll be dressed when I leave the house :P


Mz.Elle said...

Hee hee,I have seen people here wearing their PJs out of the house,so HEY, why not I say!
It's good to just relax like that,isn't it.