Sunday, February 1, 2009


Not much going on in my world this weekend. Here are some random thoughts:

Discovered that my Anti Virus program had expired...Hubby installed a new one and it took forever to scan all my files. Thankfully they weren't infested with all sorts of little devils or Trojan horses.

We're suppose to get a skiff of snow, but one wants to hear that 4 letter word :P

I made a chicken Shepherd's pie yesterday so all I need to do shortly is pop it into the oven to heat and brown the top. Having a day off cooking is always a welcome treat.

Oh....I organized a couple kitchen drawers this aft. I decided that I could move the dis clothes/tea towels into a buffet drawer and use it for the the bigger utensils that were in a container beside the stove...freeing up a bit of counter space.

I had bought two Shadow box frames last summer at Micheal's which was supposed to have these darling antique frames for family pics, with little push pins to hang them onto a canvas family tree. I gave one to a friend for C-mas, only to discover that the little box with the hardware was empty....hmmm! So, I get home and open my frame to discover my box was empty too...HMMMM!! Now what!!?? I had to get inventive to find something along those small frames to replace the ones missing....I looked and looked! Most were far to big, so I finally found heart shaped frames with adhesive backing so all you have to do is put the pic in and stick it to the canvas. Problem solved and lesson learned....always check out these things before buying.

Well, time to pop the pie into the oven. Have a great ending to your weekend.
And for those Football maniacs out there....I hope the team you were cheering for won the Super Bowl....the only part I enjoy are those Commercials..haha!


hippo chick said...

I was rather disappointed in the commercials this year. There were some really cute ones, but all in all, not so much.

We, having been born in Pennsylvania, were rooting for Pittsburgh, but I also have a fondness in my heart for Kurt Warner. My hubby told me this story about Fitzgerald not cutting his hair since his mother died, so now I have a soft spot for him too.

All this to say, I really didn't care who won. We had some friends in and had pizza and wings.

Hope you have a "Happy Ground Hog's Day" tomorrow.

~hippo hugs~