Friday, February 27, 2009


Another Chiro appointment this morning. This time Hubby had one as well, so we went in together. Afterwards Hubby took me out for a Starbuck's Latte....Mmmmmm! Since our only Starbucks is located in Safeway store we combined the coffee time with picking up groceries. What a huge help it is to have Hubby come along and help...not only does he lug heavy bags, but things just go so much faster when I'm not doing it all on my own. Usually Hubby heads for the magazine aisle right away or just opts to stay home, but today he was so helpful. Before heading for home, I wanted to pop into Walmart to make an appointment to get our passport pics taken. There stood 3 employees, all doing nothing. So, they could take us in right away, develop them right away and we're happy. One more thing crossed off the"To Do" list.
We got home for lunch and then Dad & Mom came for tea. Mom brought warm muffins, straight from the oven...Mmmmm!