Monday, March 2, 2009


Let me tell you about a small group of women I have learned to appreciate SO much. They have been there for me for the past few years....thru many, many personal valleys and celebrations. They are like precious gems to me and I feel so honored to call them friends.
We study scripture together and pray for each other. Last week I had them pray for one of my siblings, who was in a very desperate situation with no way visibly out of it. My heart was just SO broken, since I feel like a second Mother to many of my younger sibs.
Over the weekend every detail we had prayed for came about for my Sib...we were just SO excited and one of the gals suggested we send this Sib a card to say how we had all prayed and are so thrilled with such an obvious answer to Prayer. Right away, a card went circulating around the table for all to sign.
I feel so incredible to a part of this group of friends :)